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Review: Electric Cosmetics

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Product: Electric Cosmetics Eye Shadows (Pictured above, starting in upper left hand corner and moving clockwise: Deep Black, Creek, Frost, Bronze Shimmer, Soft Red, Grapette)
Use: Loose powder for eyelids; can also be added to clear lip glosses, nail polishes, etc.
SRP: $5 for 5g, $1.50 for 1/4 tsp. sample bag
Best Price: Sign up for the newsletter at http://www.electriccosmetics.com to receive notices of sales

Many years passed from the time I first picked up a sponge-tipped applicator and made my inaugural foray into the world of eye makeup to the day I resolved to up the ante and start taking the stuff seriously. For a while, I balked at bright colors, felt that all makeup should look "natural", and immediately removed any mix of colors that I felt was too attention-getting.

My, how things have changed...

Today, when I get ready for a date with my partner, have an event to attend, or just feel like giving people something to talk about, the many brushes and color pots are laid out, my is mirror cocked to the perfect angle, and not a bit of my lid is left untouched by vivid shades that would have made my former self gasp aloud. And when this happens, you will find that many of the hues I choose are from Electric Cosmetics.

Dez, the young woman who started the company with her hand-crafted eye shadows, is a brilliant entrepreneur for her age (19) and strives to meet the needs of her ever-growing clientèle. She even offers to create a custom color for you, asking for details such as matte versus metallic, glitter versus shimmer, and whether the color you're envisioning is comparable to another shade she can use as a guideline. Her products are all cruelty-free, and contain a very small number of ingredients, making them a good bet for those with allergies or aversions to certain items often used in makeup.

I have purchased from Electric Cosmetics on two occasions, and have a total of twenty-seven colors of EC eye shadow. Each color is unique and blends well with other shades using any basic technique. While I definitely recommend the use of a primer to bring out the intensity and longevity of the loose powders, once they are applied, they stay put and stay vivid for hours. Without a primer, as with most mineral shadows, the colors are a bit lackluster and tend to slide.

The process of purchasing from Electric Cosmetics was a bit bumpy; I placed both of my orders during sales Dez has promoted heavily, and I found that it was difficult for her to keep up at the rate necessary to provide timely production and shipping. The first order was significantly delayed, and I received a page of coupons to be used on future purchases by way of apology. One of the lids in my second order was broken apart, though none of the product was lost thanks to the paper seal inside each jar. When I brought it to Dez's attention, she responded that she would replace it, but I didn't hear from her again. Considering that the shadow itself was still perfectly usable and that I'd just scored 25 shadows for $20, I didn't follow up; I knew she was likely still overwhelmed with the sale, and it just wasn't that big a deal to me.

I know that Dez, like any small business owner, is working hard to streamline her processes and get her product line out there for the world to see. Rather than waiting until Electric Cosmetics blows up on the makeup scene - which it will - check this stuff out now. Go fill up your virtual shopping cart, have bit of patience and understanding, and you will be rewarded with high-quality shadows in colors that rival the big name brands' offerings at a fraction of the cost.

Have you tried this product? Would you like to add your thoughts on this or a similar one? Comment here for others to hear!

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Jul. 19th, 2007 06:41 pm (UTC)
I'll definitely have to check this out. I've recently forayed into powered shadows myself by way of the Bare Escentuals stuff and love it, except for the price tag.
Jul. 19th, 2007 06:45 pm (UTC)
I have a hard time justifying upwards of $10 for a shadow; I'm still perfecting my application techniques, and sometimes I just want to play with them. I can't make myself "play" with shadows and other makeup on which I spent more than a few dollars. The beautiful thing about EC is that the price is one you can play with, and the product worth every penny you'd spend at a high-end counter. Love it.
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