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Update: Avenue sale and new coupon code

Good morning my darlings, I only wish I had time to regale you with the details of what turned out to be quite a shopping spree yesterday! As it stands though, I've only moments before I must rush off to work, so, as I don't want to leave you with nothing from me today, here's this - Avenue's "drop a dollar a day" online sale continues through Monday, and with coupon code 71222, you can receive 20% off of your entire online order, including items already on sale. Inventory is diminishing, so see what items have made it to their $9.99 bottom line, and grab them up!

If you are able to go into a brick and mortar Avenue store, I do recommend it; their semi-annual sale has items at prices half below the ones currently listed on the web, as well as items not found online. As noted by a reader in the comments on the Avenue Bike Short Panty, the bike shorts do work out to $10 a pair (50% off the retail price), but you need to buy a total of 4 pair, as they're buy two, get two free in-store. A great deal, and not the only one worth the trip to an Avenue store this weekend.

That's the super-short scoop; I'll have more details on some of my purchases in the week to come. Next up will be Sally Hanson's Diamond Lip Treatment - compare to Chanel's Glossimer for quality and shades, and I'll tell you where to find them for a tenth of the price, plus buy-one-get-one - stay tuned!

Have a grand weekend, all!

~Frugal Femme